featuring 100 inspiring people in Bunbury

featuring 100 inspiring people in Bunbury

The ONE book that celebrates the city's unique culture, diversity, and resilience.


The ONE collective and inspiring merchandise of Bunbury.


A souvenir, a corporate gift for international visitors, foreign investors, visiting friends and family.


A book that shares the 100 Inspiring People and their impactful voices in Bunbury.


We will also be featuring a curated selection of local artists, including writers, amplifying their voices and celebrating their contributions to our community's cultural vibrancy. Additionally, 1-2 pages would be dedicated to honouring our local business supporters and showcasing their logos to a wider audience of Australian and foreign visitors. This recognition serves as a testament to their belief in the power of community and their commitment to supporting local endeavours.


The ONE book captures the essence of the city in a way that has never been done before.

the story



There is a way to capture the essence of Bunbury in one single book?


A truly meaningful and most importantly, purposeful book.


A book that helps you shift perspective.


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